Meet Mink: Stylish iPhone Cases

Meet Mink: Stylish iPhone Cases
March 27, 2017 Kate Zarella

Here at Mink Case we’re obsessed with style and quality. We noticed with phone cases you usually get one or the other.

You’ve probably seen what we’re talking about.

The super cute cases that are too flimsy to protect your phone from anything. The clunky cover that could stop a tank and looks like it was designed by the military. Or those funky, trendy cases that you LOVE for a minute before they immediately go out of style.

We found that while trends come and go, great style is timeless. So we wanted to make something simple and beautiful enough to be a wardrobe essential for you.

You know what we mean.

That little black dress that’s cute and classy enough to work for any occasion. The perfect pair of jeans that make you look as great as you feel. The statement handbag that has enough room for all your stuff, but still manages to look stunning.


We wanted you to feel the same way about your phone case, so Mink Case was born. 

We’ve taken our time picking colors that won’t go out of style anytime soon. Like the Tiffany Blue Madison case inspired by those iconic blue bags. Now you can have your Audrey Hepburn moment in the palm of your hand.

<div>iPhone 6 / 6s Protective Covers </div><div>from Alexa Series </div><div>Rose Gold</div>
Or the Rose Gold Alexa Case. It celebrates your iPhone’s clean lines and bold design, while helping protect your iPhone from the worst case
scenario, the dreaded cracked screen.

Who said strength and style can’t go hand in hand?

We hope you’ll love Mink Case as much as we do. Make sure to check back to meet the Mink team and see more of our musings about style!